Is Zur Scmiede a Committed Volunteer?



I find it an offensive stretch of the truth that candidate for City Council Rob Zur Schmiede considers himself a “committed Laguna Beach volunteer” yet he only graduated in June from the Laguna Beach Police Department Citizens Academy and only this year signed up as a Laguna Ocean Foundation docent a few months in advance of announcing his candidacy for City Council. This is all a campaign farce to mislead the good citizens of Laguna Beach in advance of running for public office.

Zur Schmiede has not signed up for LBPD Citizens Academy Volunteer Program since recently graduating from the Citizens Academy nor is he currently serving as an active volunteer as a LOF docent as referenced in his campaign material.

All activity is as of 2014 in time to build an impressive resume to mislead the general public. Candidate Zur Schmiede should be ashamed of misleading the citizens in this small town.

Joe Cockran, Laguna Beach

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