More Candidates Seek City Posts

Four candidates for various city positions will add to the electoral mix on Nov. 8.

Laws May Broaden What’s Deemed Historic

Keeping aging buildings true to their historic nature is nothing short of a frustrating and nebulous task, as evidenced during a meeting of the city’s Heritage Committee. The committee met to review the first draft of a new historic preservation ordinance last Thursday, June 16.

Weighing Rules to Restrict Short-term Rentals

With one resident calling it the “scariest” proposition to face the city yet, members of a City Council subcommittee reopened discussion to the public on how to govern short-term rentals Tuesday in the council chambers.

Drafters of Short-term Rental Rules Invite Feedback

To affirm transparency of a subcommittee established to structure a law governing short-term rentals, Mayor Steve Dicterow called for an open meeting to air concerns and suggestions at 4 p.m., Tuesday, June 21, in the Laguna Beach City Council Chambers.

Anti-Nuke Group Puts Pressure on Edison

Urging local residents living near tons of stored radioactive waste at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station to take action, five specialists presented views on safety dangers to more than 200 people last Wednesday, June 8, at the Laguna Beach City Council Chambers.

City Mum on Voter Sentiment Survey

A survey to determine voter sentiment on city projects and proposals, including if residents are willing to foot the bill on a $180 million utility under-grounding project, is circulating through the email in-boxes of 6,000 Laguna Beach registered voters.

Raising Toxic Questions

A panel of eight experts and activists will provide their solutions for moving radioactive nuclear waste from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station at a 6 p.m. presentation Wednesday, June 8, in the City Council chambers.

New Employee Receives Special Perk

With at least one hurdle that confronts most residents, she will receive help. Dupuis is one of four City Hall executive administrators getting assistance from their employer to buy a home in town, said Gavin Curran, director of finance and information technology.

Budget Wish-List Spans Butterflies to Lifeguards

After hearing nearly an hour of requests to fund pet projects from various civic groups, the City Council favored some new and unusual requests at Tuesday’s budget workshop and signaled their intent to add staff to the fire and marine safety departments as well.

Coalition Opens Doors to House the Homeless

Troy Phillips roamed around south Orange County for 11 years, landing on beaches, behind bushes, on a bench, wherever he could for as long as he could until he was asked or forced to “move on.” He came to Laguna Beach often, usually to grab a meal at the city’s overnight shelter...

No Silver Bullet for Congestion

Summerlike weather all-year round is bringing record-numbers of tourists congesting Laguna Beach with cars, the subject of a town hall meeting Tuesday.

Creatures Large and Small Wash Ashore

The impact of El Nino ocean currents was evident on local beaches in the last week, where beachgoers encountered unusually underweight baby elephant seals and a stranded army of tiny lobster-like red crabs.

Expect a Ballot Stuffed With Pot Measures

Laguna Beach voters will certainly see two, and perhaps as many as four, competing medicinal marijuana measures on the November general election ballot as a result of the City Council’s action Tuesday.

First Parklet Hit with Scathing Review

After years of attempts to make Forest Avenue a more walker-friendly promenade, the first “parklet” received a wrath of criticism at Tuesday’sLaguna Beach City Council meeting.

Turn Over at City Hall

A noticeable rate of employee turn-over has occurred at Laguna Beach City Hall in recent years, prompting questions about competitive pay, benefits and parting expertise.