Shortcomings Surface in Parking Analysis

Failing to take into account that Laguna Beach is subject to California Coastal Commission requirements was criticized as a major blunder by consultants hired to solve the beach town’s changing parking demands.

Council Reconsiders Allowing Pot Deliveries

Council members listened to a litany of testimony urging them to reconsider. In response, the council unanimously voted to add a sunset clause to the ordinance, which placed a hold on the local law until a decision was made in Sacramento.

Campaign Contribution Limits Remain Unchanged

With Mayor Steve Dicterow already announcing he will seek re-election in November, people or groups who want to contribute to their favorite candidate did not get the go-ahead from the City Council Tuesday to make larger donations.

City Begins to Tackle Downtown Flooding

the City Council approved the first step Tuesday to increase capacity at a downtown bottleneck renowned for flooding.

Council Vetoes More Gelato

Saying there are enough downtown gelato stores already, the City Council unanimously denied an appeal to bring the frozen Italian confection to a storefront in the vacant movie theater building.

Concerns Heat Up Over Sobriety House Near School

An addiction rehabilitation house near Top of the World Elementary School that recently changed to an all-male facility is causing concern among parents of school children.

Schools Fill in Emotional-Support Gaps

With teen suicides drastically rising and depression affecting 46 percent of all school children, emotional and social support will increasingly be more available to students in the Laguna Beach Unified School District.

Ditching Corporate Stress for Backyard Farming

Broming assesses the amount of moisture and microbes in the soil for a soon-to-be vegetable patch

Vandals Tarnish High School on New Year’s Eve

Rooftop vandals broke into three science classrooms at Laguna Beach High School at 11:56 p.m. New Year’s Eve, covering every surface and laboratory equipment with white fire-retardant powder sprayed from fire extinguishers, said Jeff Dixon, facilities director at Laguna Beach...

Laguna Targets Pregnant Coyotes

Laguna Beach will intensify its offensive against aggressive coyotes by killing pregnant ones snared in rope traps beginning later this winter, according to a plan the police department will present to the City Council in January. The juvenile pups who avoided the traps are on...

Sea Lion Pups In Trouble Again

With the lowest body weights ever documented, California sea lion pups are not only starving from lack of food, they’re infested with parasites and immune to antibiotics, said the director of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. The rehab center in Laguna Canyon is gearing up to...

Wanted: An Experienced Leader to Stay Put

Most everybody wants the new superintendent for the Laguna Beach Unified School District to be here for the long haul, according to preliminary input from meetings with the public, students, district staff and board members. They don’t want the new superintendent to use the...

Fragile Wilderness Park Readies for Rain

With an already-distressed habitat, and not much of it left, park rangers and trail managers for Laguna Coast and Aliso-Wood Canyons wilderness parks are making haste to prepare for predicted heavy rains.

Lawsuit Seeks Removal of Nuclear Waste

A lawsuit asks a state court to order the removal of nuclear waste stored at San Onofre to the Mojave Desert.

Search Starts for New Schools Leader

...Sherine Smith, whose final annual salary with benefits was $269,032. Smith announced her intention to retire in June with an annual retirement pay of approximately $150,000.