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Melanie Ott Holden

Melanie Ott Holden

Melanie Ott Holden passed away at her home on March 31, 2014. Born in Evanston, Ill., on May 12,1938, Melanie moved to Laguna Beach with her family in 1941. Her father was renowned sculptor, Peterpaul Ott. After graduating from Laguna Beach High School, Melanie continued her education in Germany, mastering six foreign languages and working as an interpreter for the Kraft Food Company.

Holden returned to Laguna Beach in 1963, often remarking that she “lives where other people come to vacation.” She was predeceased by her husband, well-known surfboard shaper, Bill Holden. Survivors include stepson Brad Holden; brothers, Peter and Alex Ott; sisters Stephanie Mickesh and Elizabeth Tice; plus nieces and nephews.  A family memorial service will be held sometime in May.

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