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Protesting a 'Chainsaw Massacre'

Protesting a ‘Chainsaw Massacre’

Surprised and alarmed by the removal of 10 large trees last week in the downtown area, residents expressed their anguish at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “Please stop the chainsaw massacre of the ficus trees in the downtown area,” said Pamela Goldstein, blunt in her entreaty. Ocean Avenue’s aesthetic appeal will take 50 years to recover, […]

The Heisler building : cultural impacts to the City

The Heisler building : cultural impacts to the City

Editor, City Council member Verna Rollinger’s recent commentary regarding “preservation over restoration” of historic buildings and their ability to comply with Mills Act standards disregarded the fact that historic buildings can also be evaluated based on their cultural significance to the City, and not just the extent to which the original structure remains intact. The […]