Raising Questions About Village Laguna’s Status



Recently I noticed a banner across Forest Avenue advertising the Charm House Tour – a traditional fundraiser for Village Laguna.

How did this happen as a few years ago Village Laguna transitioned from a 501(c)3 which is an IRS recognized non-profit to a political action committee (also an IRS recognized non-profit with a different agenda – to raise money for recruiting politicians)? Now they are a non-profit mutual benefit corporation, which is not a recognized IRS non-profit in the same manner as the previous two situations listed above.

So my question is: what are they going to do with the proceeds of this event as they are a mutual benefit corporation created to benefit its membership? Will they give each other salaries, help pay for professional services such as attorneys, or give it to their members to support pre-approved city council candidates who will feel obliged to adhere to Village Laguna mandates?

Did you know that Village Laguna members have been very proactive to deflect any efforts by the City Council and the majority of home owners in our town to create a new, more equitable and long term solution to the problem of view blockage by vegetation by property owners? One favorite candidate was Verna Rollinger. Another candidate who has received funding from what I am told includes Toni Iseman. I wonder who of the candidates running will receive money from this event for the fall election?

If you want to know what they will be doing with the money and who their members are (might be your neighbor who is blocking your view) buy a ticket and ask the volunteers.  Remember, the ticket will not be a tax deduction as they can do anything they want with the money.

In the meantime know that they reserved the spot for their banner several years ago. The city has since changed its requirements for hanging a banner effective 2015. I suspect that they knew full well that they would not have qualified this year and last year.

In my opinion, this is indicative of their action to maintain a gridlock on the city and the rest of us who are not members of Village Laguna.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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