A Little Good News for Taxpayers



It was good to read that the Mission Hospital purchased the empty lots behind the hospital.  Maybe now that land will be put to some useful purpose for the citizens of Laguna Beach. Too bad that a trail may eventually have to be routed around it. We only have zillions of miles of trails all over the open space and in the canyon for a few people to run around on, so this should be no hardship for those folks. 

 Now if commons sense can prevail again, the taxpayers will stop the land grab initiative that is currently circulating in town soliciting signatures from the uninformed without letting them know that this is going to create a tax increase for the next 20 years just so a select group can gain control of a bunch of empty lots around town. 

To add insult to injury, if they get hold of them, these lots will be off the tax roles adding additional burdens for tax payers. Don’t be suckered in and sign their petition or vote for it if gets on the ballot. 

Dave Connell, Laguna Beach

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