Land Buy Irks Residents



      As one of many long-time supporters of our Laguna hospital and its excellent doctors, I am concerned about the stealthy acquisition of the adjacent Domanskis parcel, undercutting what Lagunans believed to be a successful bid to preserve the land as open space (“Hospital Outbids Open Space Buyers,” July 1 edition). It appears that the hospital’s new owners have goals unrelated to residents’ needs or land use priorities.     

      It is particularly troubling that the late bidding process was conducted in secret, announced only after the deal was finalized. The reason Laguna residents wanted the land is clear, but the hospital’s motive is not. However, logic suggests that it’s not to preserve the property (Laguna’s purchase would have done that), but to develop or exploit it in some way.

      So how do we rate, as residents, with our hospital?  Somewhere below the bottom line, I’d guess.

Bette Anderson, Laguna Beach

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