A Note From The Editor


It’s hard to believe that two years ago this week I started editing this newspaper. Between a global pandemic, racial justice demonstrations, a major oil spill, and two brush fires there’s been no shortage of news to cover in this slice of paradise.

Last year was also deeply meaningful for me personally. My family moved from Long Beach to Irvine. My wife and I celebrated our son’s first birthday. I was also proud to be elected president of the Orange County Press Club, which advocates for a free press and fosters the next generation of journalists.

As I look back on the last two years as an editor and coming up on four years as a Laguna reporter, I’m filled with appreciation for the reporters, columnists, photographers, designers, and administrative staff who help make this newspaper possible. I’m also humbled that so many of our readers have also trusted us to tell their stories.

I am certainly not perfect. Like all journalists, I’ve made errors and corrected them when necessary. My goal is to learn something from these mishaps.

As always, my allegiance is to our readers. We’ve reported the facts they need to be informed voters and taxpayers. Being charged with the well-being and reputation of the Independent has been a great privilege of my life. Thank you to Steve and Scott for your continued trust and confidence in me.

Stay well and thank you for reading,

Daniel Langhorne

Executive Editor of The Independent

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  1. Thank YOU for your anniversary letter as the Indy’s editor, and for walking that delicate balance of presenting both sides on issues in Laguna Beach. It’s an adage in journalism (and in publishing) that if both sides object to what you’re writing that you’ve achieved that magic middle way. It ain’t easy. We’re a cantankerous group of individuals who are passionate about our community. The good news is that we all care. Thanks for bearing with us, and keeping us informed.


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