A True Story


On Monday, March 28, at approximately 7 p.m., a newer, small model Mercedes Benz car, black, with very dark tint pulled out of Bounty and proceeded down onto Skyline Drive. Two minors, both seventh-graders at Thurston Middle School were skateboarding on Skyline Drive. The driver of the Mercedes Benz intentionally tried to hit one of the downhill skateboarder with his car. This was witnessed by the other student. The young man was able to maneuver out of his way just in time. The second skateboarder at this point chased after the car, trying to get a look at the driver. The car then intentionally veered into the second skateboarder and did hit him. Thankfully the minor was not gravely harmed! He did however have his special puck gloves damaged. (The puck completely flew off when the skateboarder attempted to break his fall to the ground.) The driver then sped off, never even stopped to assess what injuries, if any, he had caused intentionally.
Interesting to note is that one of the two skateboarders is a 4.0 honor roll student at Thurston. The other seventh grader is the current national champion in downhill skateboarding. These are not reckless kids who were not paying attention! These were two minors that have a lot to lose by being derelict!
They were enjoying their favorite pastime on a hill that is not banned. They were behaving in a courteous and thoughtful way. They were not looking for trouble, but trouble found them on purpose.
Is the driver possibly a member of SNAG? Someone that doesn’t agree with our recent city councils decision’s on banning streets here in Laguna? Someone who decided to be the law themselves? Maybe thought “I’ll teach those kids a lesson!”… We will never know because the coward drove off into the evening. Regardless of the reason it is a deplorable action! Funny how members of SNAG think that the skateboarders are the problem and yet they may have a villain among them!
Hey idiot! You should be ashamed of yourself and your behavior. We don’t know yet who you are, but we are on our way to figuring it out. When we do full legal charges will be pressed! I believe it’s a felony! Intent to harm with a deadly weapon!
What a fine example of humanity you set for two stellar community teenagers!
Kimberly O’Brien, Laguna Beach

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