A View Embellished by Trees


I would like to comment on a recent letter to the editor wherein a writer compares his interrupted view to the sea as similar to that of an interrupted view to a movie screen, when a fellow in a top hat has unwittingly sat down in front of him (“The Parable of the Top Hat,” Letters Feb. 15).  Before he congratulates himself on his metaphoric genius, his analogy is false.

The majority of those folks that are presently clamoring for a view arrived late.  But because of some sense of divine right they believe they deserve that view.  They’ve already bullied the previous city council into leveling a particularly wooded area of Laguna, and now they are prepared to do more, under the guise of something called the view equity committee. Someone certainly got their monies worth in a marketing class.  And for those of you that may have missed last year’s tree preservation meetings, we will soon be “advised” as to what we’re allowed to plant.  Looks like Newport Beach to me, and smells like a property owners association.

We all know what’s taking place here, although nobody wants to say it aloud.  Major environmental decisions are being made in this beautiful town by a selfish few who will never be happy with their own lot in life. Had they the money to relocate to that neutered neighborhood to the north, you can bet they would.  But alas.

Respectfully, and I am sincere when I say this, unless you’ve been here 75 years, nobody sat down in front of you, you simply picked the wrong seat, and you have a great many other choices.  Most of us love what we’ve found here and we hope to stay.  And contrary to popular belief, a view of a tree is a rare and wonderful view. I once had just that.


Mace Morse, Laguna Beach

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