An Admitted Juvenile




In response to Steve Klumb (“Respecting Beliefs,” Letters, Oct. 29), he questioned me as to what I hoped to accomplish with my “courageous” desecration of the bible.  My answer is that the bible in reality is just a book, words printed on paper and nothing otherworldly or sacred.


My action was not to rival the sacrificing of Christ. I don’t have the power of his make-believe old man who allegedly sacrificed him.  So get real Steve.


Our freedom, prosperity and morality (or lack thereof) are demonstrably attributable to human beings. There is no real evidence of a hocus-pocus sky daddy giving us those.  Ever notice that non-believers don’t bomb abortion clinics or fly airplanes into buildings?


You mention that it is unfortunate that we seem to have lost the ability to respect the beliefs and opinions of those with whom we disagree.  What is unfortunate is that society has for too long been deferential to useless and conflicting otherworldly beliefs, leaving no room for beliefs based on reality.


I resorted to what you call a juvenile act because that would get attention.  In truth, I’ve never grown up.  I didn’t want to be like and your kind.  But thanks for noticing.


Niko Theris,

Laguna Beach

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