Enforce the Anti-Leaf-Blower Law



Why do our professional gardeners continue to use their leaf blowers with impunity? Don’t they see the air polluting dust clouds they create? Don’t they know that the use of leaf blowers is against the law in Laguna Beach? Don’t they know that they are subject to fines for their continued use?

Of course they do, but the city’s anti-leaf-blower law is un-enforced. The terrible pollution continues unabated, and those of us with allergies and illnesses that are aggravated by dust and air pollution continue to suffer. My gardener just left. Excuse me while I go into a sneezing frenzy. Achoo!! Wheeze!! Achoo!! Achoo!!

I’m tired of warning my gardener to stop. The “mow, blow and go” guys all know that they can get away with it because every gardener in town violates our anti-leaf-blower law. (Just another challenge for the new council.)

City management should either enforce the anti-leaf-blower law or admit that it is unenforceable and ask the City Council to eliminate it all together. Meanwhile, Achoo!! Wheeze!!

Don Knapp,

Laguna Beach

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  1. I agree with you! So many times our neighbors’ gardeners come and blow at their pleasure. I’ve called the police once, but of course they came out with minutes to spare before they drove off, and it was a simple warning. Thanks for my tax dollars hard at work…


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