Another Factor to Consider

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Laguna Beach is a very beautiful and unique town.  We who are fortunate enough to live here are rightfully very proud.  Part of what sets us apart from the other towns in Orange County, including even the other coveted beach communities, is the open space surrounding our town.  Over 1,000 acres of this open space was purchased/acquired gradually by our city over time.  Also the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park brings us an additional 7,000 acres and includes hiking trails in along with the open space.

Besides the uniqueness of the open space in this day and age, we and our guests are also provided with a beautiful and relaxing drive when entering or leaving our town.  The main and very significant detraction from the beauty of this drive is the abundant number of ugly utility poles and wires bordering the roads.

Installing these wires underground will greatly add to the beauty of our town in addition to improving the driving safety in the canyon.

Ralph Haun, Laguna Beach

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