Letter: Not interested in drones 


I’m writing about the upcoming July 4 “show.” If it’s a show of anything, it’s a show of how tone-deaf our city is. 

Of course, I care about the environment, but I’m not interested in drones flying around to show the world just how relentlessly uptight Laguna is.

The city has already demonstrated that when it closed our beaches longer than our neighbors’ for both the virus, the oil spill, and the tsunami, which never materialized. Oh, and we’ve also been “water-wise” several years in a row. 

Our infrastructure is rotting, potholes and cracks everywhere, overhead lines and overgrown trees mar our views, and your answer is drones for July 4. The one time we can take our mind off all the rot and decay and enjoy some noise, light, and smoke and be reminded that America is the place most of the world wants to be and we are blessed enough to be here. 

It calls into question the city’s true motivation. Have they become obsessed with controlling the citizens who live in what was once a model of freedom and creativity? The government can’t tolerate people drawing outside the lines, can they? So, stop it. Just stop it.

Michael Rybah, Laguna Beach

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