Another Instance of Misrepresentation?



Upon opening my sample ballot I was astonished to see the affiliation of one of the candidates, Michele Hall, listed as “community volunteer.”  When did a past president of the Laguna Beach Republican Club and chair of the OC GOP become a community service volunteer versus a political service volunteer? (Or, is it employee?  I’m not sure in the case of the latter). While I would defend every Americans right to work or volunteer for any political party of their choosing, subterfuge is less defensible. It seems like a stretch of semantics to use the “community” label for political work.  Plus, if one has been actively working/volunteering for a major political group, why not list it?  It was a high leadership position.

Laguna has already had enough problems with city council candidates omitting details or “fluffing” their resume (as we say in business). Listing political work as community work is questionable, if not dishonest.

Deborah Laughton, Laguna Beach

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  1. I am not speaking for the candidate, she can do that herself. But since this letter misleads readers about the status of the Laguna Beach Republicans as an organization and the legal nature of our mission, I am responding to correct the record, based on my knowledge of the candidate’s service to this association, as opposed to her other non-political community service. The writer needs a civics lesson. The Registrar of Voters and City Clerk scrub candidate statements, and listing political party affiliation is NOT ALLOWED. This writer is using words like “dishonest” and “subterfuge” to insinuate that the candidate should have listed party affiliated activities as volunteer community service. If the candidate did what this writer demands THAT would be violating Registrar of Voters rules! The candidate provided the Registrar of Voters with background on her non-political volunteer community service background, which includes Boys and Girls Club, public schools, church and Friendship Shelter, as well as charity work for family facing childhood cancer. This writer apparently does not know the difference between local volunteer political activism and volunteer community service, presumably because the writer has little or no experience doing either. She even implies that LB GOP volunteers may get paid, which is a laughably fatuous demonstration of ignorance, especially since Republicans have a lot less money than Democrats these days! If only! Given the fact that all this information was known to Indy before this letter was published it constitutes reckless disregard for truth to print it, and the Indy owes the candidate an apology to LBR and the candidate for doing so. Not even a close call.


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