Iseman Draws Praise for Creative Thinking



In observing Toni Iseman at City Council meetings, I have found that she consistently shows respect for and listens to residents’ concerns, finding creative solutions to their problems.

At the Firebrand Media forum last week, Iseman again showed herself to be a bold, creative thinker. In response to a question about what ideas candidates had to reduce the risk of fires in Laguna, Iseman offered that she had proposed and gotten approved a $1,000 fine for smoking in the open space, a problem that is especially keen out at Carolyn’s Knoll in the Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park.

Unfortunately, she said, many of the young people cited cannot afford to pay the fine. She suggested that those unable to pay could be required to work off their fine by clearing brush in the canyons. Her creative and fair solution would serve to enlighten the offender to the dry, dangerous fuel in our open space that a carelessly thrown lit cigarette could ignite.

This is just one example of Iseman’s creative problem solving that she offers to the city. I urge readers to cast a vote for Toni Iseman for City Council.


Ginger Osborne, Laguna Beach

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