An Apology of Sorts for Parade’s Cancellation



When John Dumas, of NOAA’s National Weather Service Science and Operations Office, announced that California needs a March miracle to help end the drought, the Laguna Beach Beautification Council took him seriously.  Beautification Council members, in conjunction with the Laguna Beach Water District, decided to literally “march” for a March rain miracle at the Patriot’s Day Parade.

Adopting the slogan of “Please Rain on Our Parade,” all members prepared for our parade march on March 1. We had our yellow rain slickers and galoshes, our specially made twig umbrellas, our boom box with revised words to Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” [Everybody, yes everybody, is gonna rain on our parade].   Drought-tolerant baby succulent plants donated by Beautification Council members, and seed packets and toilet checking systems (donated by Laguna Water District) were all set to be distributed.

We were on a mission to remind everyone about the importance of water consciousness and conservation. Our group fervor turned into something else, and before you know it, somebody was raining on our Patriot’s Day Parade…in buckets!

Now I don’t know exactly what caused this large storm cell, but I can say on behalf of the Laguna Beach Beautification Council “please don’t blame us for raining on our Patriot’s Day Parade.”

Joanne Sutch, Laguna Beach

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