Apply ‘Green’ Ideals to Canyon Traffic




Relating to your article on Laguna Beach working and striving toward climate protection and conservation, I am amazed that the City does not resolve and correct the greatest negative pollution creator in this area, which overwhelms all/any other in comparison.

Every time I drive through Laguna Canyon I am most thankful to those people who undertook for the benefit of us all the creation of the greenbelt surrounding this city and the aesthetic beauty and separation and protection it provides to us all. However, every day these benefits are substantially diminished and effectively eliminated by the unbelievable at all hours traffic jams and backups on Laguna Canyon Road every single day. This all day/every day traffic mess and its directly resulting pollution, waste of energy and time is most burdensome and harmful. Out of site and completely over the top!!! It could seemingly be eliminated easily, but at some negative trade-offs, which are really not all that disagreeable: just widen the road from its current divided four-lane terminus in town past El Toro and provide some form of a transition road from El Toro to merge conveniently onto the Canyon road for a safe divided four-lane roadway all the way to the coast. This may only require a minimal intrusion into the greenbelt to the northerly side, with a small bike lane attached with a similar small width shoulder as presently exists. And, while at this improvement, why not bury all those unbelievably ugly and obnoxious utility lines along the roadway which are equally unjustifiable?

Why does the City Council not strive to resolve this/these significant problem(s) immediately if it is truly concerned about insuring this City to be “all green” (and truly beautiful)? These problems will only increase dramatically in the ongoing inevitable future as Irvine and its emphasis on all intruding mass density magnifies, e.g. see ALTURA and the Spectrum area!


Byron Nelson, Laguna Beach

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