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I’m the Chairperson of the Laguna Beach TechComm Committee, the advisory group formed to assist the Laguna Beach City Council with telecommunications issues affecting the City. I wanted to let the community know about our upcoming meeting on Monday, Feb. 13, to be held at 4:30 p.m. at the Suzi Q Senior Center.

We’ve invited two special guests: Scott Longhurst, president of Trillium, and Tony Ingegneri, president of ATS.  Trillium provides real estate and land use consulting services to help companies developing sites for wireless communications. ATS is a full service consulting firm which also represents clients in the wireless industry.

The TechComm Committee has long felt that it’s extremely important to ensure high quality residential and commercial telecommunications services in Laguna Beach. However, the business, residential and most importantly the public safety benefits of communications services is weighed against residents’ concerns about health effects in addition to complaints about tower and antenna aesthetics.

Mr. Longhurst and Mr. Ignegeri have kindly offered their time for an educational session, presenting information to the community regarding the current state of wireless telecommunications services, including how carriers are addressing the health and aesthetic issues.

We hope the public will join us for this lively and informative session.


Tim Templeton, Laguna Beach

Chairperson, Laguna Beach TechComm Committee

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