Appreciation for Shedding Light on Good Work



I would like to express my gratitude for Susan Velasquez’ column (“Where Faith and Community Meet,” Sept. 20) on the Interfaith Council meeting. It is good to know so many people from our churches in Laguna are dedicated to helping our homeless friends in so many ways.

One of the highlights of my Christmas season is playing carols for them at their holiday celebration. Two years ago I had been asked by one of the event’s organizers if I could find some gentle souls among our homeless clientele that could sing and form a choir–on the spot–to perform carols for everybody.

I will always remember what one said to me, “I’ll sing for you but don’t try and rehabilitate me!” I honored his request.

It’s also good to know that even with all the controversial issues that often take center stage, there are those in town whose mission is caring and helping our disenfranchised homeless brothers and sisters in their times of need. Thank you, Susan and the Independent, for keeping us “on key” for this holy and worthy purpose. I appreciate you all!

Carol Reynolds, Laguna Beach

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