Author Taps His Hometown


2-write-stuff-lockwood-54559550_high-resolution-front-cover-6384338Laguna Beach is again the setting for a local author’s tale of crime and intrigue. This time it’s Dennis Lockwood, Laguna Beach resident and one of the founding members of the Third Street Writers Group, whose debut novel “Duality,” was recently published and is now available on Amazon.

“The book actually grew out of an assignment I was given in a short story writing course taught by another Laguna local, Christine Fugate, here in town,” said Lockwood in an announcement. “I had no intention of writing a book.”

Feedback was good enough at writing courses to keep Lockwood writing. “That and the nightly news,“ said Lockwood. “LBGT issues, homeless veterans, the living wage crisis, law enforcement turmoil, those were the topics that seemed to dominate the news for months, at least until the election craziness took over. So I wrapped it all up in a crime story with heart and humor that spins its way from Vegas to L.A. and then on to Laguna.”

Lockwood said he’s also wrapped up re-write work on a commissioned screenplay and has started the second of what he intends to be a three-book series featuring Nick Ross, an ex-cop turned private investigator. “These characters are now part of my family,” said Lockwood. “I can’t just walk away.”


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