Ban Speedboarding on Temple Hills




I support the potential ban on speedboarding on Temple Hills Drive. I live on Temple Hills Drive, and have seen on many occasions speed boarders flying down the hill at any time of day or night (even laying on their boards!). They cross back and forth over the lanes, even around bends.


What happens to them is their problem. But I don’t want the responsibility of hitting them or of them having an accident on or at my property; nor do I want to court the risk that while walking my dog, he may become startled at the noise and lunge; nor do I want my tax dollars to be used to pay for a suit brought to the city for some reason from a speedboarder. And if it is allowed anywhere in the city, there should be some sort of waiver that needs to be signed to protect the city.


Let’s be reasonable.


John Benecke

Laguna Beach

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  1. Maybe you should consider driving in a manner that you can control your vehicle? Its not the county’s job to protect people from your vehicle.


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