Buying Local Applies to Tradesmen, Too




These days an effective plumber must know a lot more than just that “you know what” flows downhill and you get paid on Friday. (Actually, around here the “you know what” must flow uphill sometimes.)  Since the economic downturn, it seems like myriads of trades-persons have swooped in on the area to procure their fortunes, many with little more than a cell phone and pickup truck. They scoff at pesky inconveniences such as building codes, city permits, state licensure, liability insurance, respect for neighbors, and protecting our environment. Other, more well-heeled enterprises send mailers in an attempt to frighten residents into buying something they don’t need or advertise that they will make all your troubles go down the drain instantly for a price without ever having seen the job. Then later at the supply house they poke fun at Laguna residents because some are different or eccentric  and brag about how much extra they charge. Where will they be when something goes wrong with the work they did? Or you have an emergency? Do they really care about the community here?  With several fine, experienced, multi-generation plumbing outfits right here in town, which can not only respond to your emergency, but will help you avoid or minimize costly disasters in the future, why go looking elsewhere?

It is real easy to see if your plumber is on the level, and where he really keeps his snake. Just go to  (


Plumber Steve Klumb, Laguna Beach


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