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Prior to this election, I have been removed from active participation in local elections—other than studying the issues and candidates and casting my ballot.   However, I have been watching this local election very closely.  I am voting for Verna Rollinger because she has the best qualifications to serve on our city council.

First, her environmental qualifications far exceed those of any other candidate.  The Sierra Club certainly thinks so – other candidates applied, but they only endorsed one candidate – Verna Rollinger. The League of Conservation Voters also endorsed Verna.

Verna is also a close friend and advocate for the LGBT community.  She has a lifelong commitment to inclusiveness and has been endorsed by the Laguna Beach Equality Coalition.

The Laguna Beach Police Employee’s Association endorsed Verna because, “Her hard work and leadership make Laguna a safer place to live.”  She is the lead advocate on the council for a downtown foot patrol.

She is the only candidate with a consistent track record of voting to preserve and enhance what makes Laguna Beach unique.  She marched in 1989 to preserve open space, and now she fully supports Measure CC. Open space preservation is just one reason why Village Laguna members voted to endorse only one candidate – Verna Rollinger.

Verna supports our local business community.  She served on the Downtown Task Force to help our businesses through the recession, and she is the only candidate who has proposed to pre-approve businesses in the downtown to encourage new businesses we residents need.

Verna not only talks economic and environmental sustainability – she votes for it.  Chris Prelitz, an accreditated LEED professional, and founder of Transition Laguna, publically acknowledged her 30-year track record toward this end.

Other candidates often talk about their support for what makes Laguna a special community.  Verna rolls up her sleeves, works hard, and makes it happen.  She takes her work seriously and conducts herself in a professional and respectful manner.

Those are among the reasons I will be voting for her; I encourage your readers to support her as well.


Kate Clark, Laguna Beach

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