Candidate’s Canyon Stance Gains a Fan



After reading the many letters to the editor speaking to the overwhelming seriousness and multitude of issues regarding the safety and welfare and to the disruption of the peaceful living for residents created by placement of the ASL in the canyon, it is obvious this location has created an ongoing public safety concern for many residents along the canyon.  The deaths by crossing the road and lack of a public walkway demonstrates we have been negligent in placing our most vulnerable in harm’s way, far away from necessary services: police, fire, hospitals and other public services.

I applaud candidate for City Council, Paul Merritt, for taking a stand to cite his strong opposition to any future development of expanding homeless facilities in the environmentally sensitive canyon.  I have sat carefully observing at the many candidate forums held by various organizations. Research on candidate Merritt speaks volumes to his demonstrated environmental effort during his tenure serving on City Council in Laguna Niguel.

Merritt is a humble man, some might even say awkward, but no question genuine, thoughtful and forthright with a proven record of having a strong independent voice, which is what is most needed with so many important issues coming to City Council in the next four years. Running as a truly independent candidate without the endorsement of special interest groups or backing funds by known developers. To his credit, upon request, he provided original documentation of his credentials since he does not embellish or fabricate his education, work history, background or age.

Merritt is the grassroots favored candidate for those intellectual residents of Laguna Beach who think independently and are not influenced by money or political affiliation, but rather the voice of citizens who stand on simple virtue for ethics, principle and the important issues facing our community.

Merritt will best serve the people by being a welcome independent voice of the people.  His independent voice will owe no special interest group nor individuals when elected and he is not afraid to take a position and stand tall.  Vote for Merritt for City Council: the voice of reason by the people and for the people.

Lorene Auger, Laguna Beach

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