Canyon Acres Tour Captures Laguna Character

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I have been a docent for the Laguna Beach Charm House Tour for several years. Last Sunday’s tour of Canyon Acres homes was one of my favorites. In many ways, Canyon Acres epitomizes what is special about Laguna Beach.

The natural setting is stunning, with houses nestled in the canyon and large lots crawling up the hillsides.  Life here is bucolic despite the ever-present threat of natural disasters of fire or flood. Most of the houses on this tour were completely destroyed in the 1993 fire and lovingly rebuilt by a community that refused to leave its corner of paradise.

The residents in this community are very closely connected. Densely populated by artists and artisans, every house on the tour exhibited the work of a neighbor and friend. Gardens complement and celebrate the dramatic canyon setting. Some wind up steep hillsides. Some are set directly up against the granite rock. And some open into communal park-like spaces.

Thank you Canyon Acres for sharing your wonderful homes and Village Laguna for organizing another wonderful Laguna Beach Charm House Tour.

Lesley Danziger, Laguna Beach


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