Canyon Tranquility in Need of Protection



(This letter also went to council members.)

The ASL homeless shelter on Canyon Road continues to disrupt the safety of canyon residents on a daily basis as the homeless walk down the canyon road into the city. Unfortunately, homeless often stop in the neighborhoods creating nuisance and safety issues with the residents ability to peacefully reside in our once tranquil communities.

On a recent day, two police cars and three officers were sent to handle a homeless man with his gear sitting on corner. Our street was blocked and this went on for nearly an hour. Apparently the crisis is so serious it warrants every available police vehicle and the paddy wagon.

This continued circumstance illustrates the need to safeguard the neighbors from the walk of shame, down the canyon and into town that occurs every morning from and every evening to the ASL.

The city must find an alternative site to protect and preserve the canyon neighborhoods peaceful living.

Lorene Auger, Laguna Beach

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