Care Demonstrated in a Crises



On behalf of the homeless people who call the City of Laguna Beach’s Alternative Sleeping Location home, I am writing to express our profound thanks for the quick work and caring approach that the city and the Red Cross took in ensuring appropriate shelter was available for our residents during the recent flooding.


The ASL was rendered inaccessible due to the storms and flooding overnight on Tuesday, Dec. 21.  The city efficiently, effectively and safely evacuated all residents very early Wednesday morning to a Red Cross-operated shelter at the high school.


The Red Cross volunteers were helpful and accommodating to our residents and the city staff were effective in returning us safely to the ASL when it was safe to do so on Friday morning.


In a time of leadership transition for the city government, from our perspective all responses to the storm and its aftermath worked smoothly and effectively.  Special thanks to city leaders, city staff and the Red Cross.  We are grateful!


Dawn Price,

Friendship Shelter’s executive director


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