Tested by a Force of Nature



This past week has been extremely challenging and has tested our very souls. The mud and floodwaters took our studios, art work and everything we had worked so hard to accomplish.

We would like to thank our friends and family who have arrived at our property with a shovel in their hand: Bob Bonn, Patty and John Enfield, Edward (The Stand), Sharbie Higuchi, Lisa and John Mansour, Kit and Gary Poeschl, Jan Sattler, John and Phalen Slowsky, Mike Tauber and all of you who have called and offered your help and support.

A special thanks to David Sheperd at the Inn at Laguna Beach and the Aliso Creek Inn for housing the Dominguez family.

To all effected by this storm of destruction, with a strong heart and a greater appreciation for the force of nature Р we will recover.

Wishing us all a better 2011.


Sian and Troy Poeschl

Larry and Maggie Spencer, Laguna Beach

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