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Opinion: Hotel Laguna turmoil shows city leaders asleep at the wheel

By Paul Freeman Editor's Note: Freeman released a somewhat lengthier version of what runs below this past Monday. On Wednesday, the city announced it was...

Opinion: Positive Change for Laguna

Knockout punch, or a great comeback? By Jeffrey Redeker Quarantine, work-from-home, shelter-in-place, lockdown and so many other phrases we hear daily are encapsulated by the closing...

Opinion: Laguna’s Mid-Summer Scorecard

By Billy Fried   Admit it. Virus notwithstanding, Laguna has never looked so good. Our classic summer weather of sun mixed with cool marine layer has...

Common Sense

Shutting Down Residents’ Voices There are many ways to fight opposition to your point of view. At the July 23 City Council meeting, we saw...

Opinion: Pet Peeves

Life Coach-Lesson 10 By Mark Crantz You’ve been cooped up for weeks on end. You find yourself waiting at the mailbox for your ancestry.com DNA test...

Opinion: The Coast with the Most

Despite the many horrors confronting us on the regu­lar, Laguna continues to inoculate us from despair with her bounty of delights. November once again...

Opinion: Locals vs. Residents – Part 1

By Billy Fried By the time you read this, there may be as many as 1,000 comments on a “Laguna Locals” Facebook group post by...

Opinion: Resolving the Depths of Conflict Through Art

“We are at the extremities now. At the end of this tunnel of darkness, however, there is invariably a light, which we already divine,...

Shore Scene: Hiding in a Turban-Top Home

By Mia Davidson and Jan Sattler Numerous sea shells, naturally deposited by the tides, can be found along the shore of Laguna Beach. Shells are...

Guest Column: Rebuttal | Restating Myths Attempts to Muzzle Protest

By Johanna Felder Michael Ray’s column last week is another attack on Village Laguna. As president of our nearly 50-year-old organization I must respond. These attacks...
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Opinion: Village Matters

A Dana Point Future for Laguna? I wonder if only Dana Point had more citizen involvement would we be seeing those new huge structures in...

Opinion: Musings on the Coast

Zooming the City Council As some of you may be aware, the Laguna Beach City Council now “Zooms” its meetings.   This was necessary because...

Opinion: Common Sense

Laguna and Elections by-District It is hard to keep up with all the laws and regulations coming from Sacramento affecting our small town.  The California...

Opinion: When Cheating Becomes a Sacrament

By Paul Freeman Editor’s Note: Freeman is a former paid consultant for companies managed by Mohammad Honarkar. He has no pending claims against his former...
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Opinion: Village Matters

What’s The Rush? Feeling like strangers in our own town. That’s what it’s like lately.  We’re on remote control already because of the virus. We’re terribly...