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Opinion: Positive Change in Laguna

“No” just doesn’t cut it anymore By Jeff Redeker Recently, a working group was created and the work product that came out of the committees efforts...

Opinion: When Cheating Becomes a Sacrament

By Paul Freeman Editor’s Note: Freeman is a former paid consultant for companies managed by Mohammad Honarkar. He has no pending claims against his former...

Opinion: Positive Change for Laguna

Embracing New Ways By Nia Evans This time ten years ago, I was a senior at Laguna Beach High School. We had just wrapped our Spring...
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Village Matters

Stimulating the Staid On Willa’s corner, at Eagle Rock Way and Santa Rosa Street, we have a Little Free Library. Neighbors leave books they’ve finished...

Finding Meaning

Remembering Howard G. Heisler What person most shaped early Laguna? You could make a good argument for Howard G. Heisler. Next Wednesday marks the sesquicentennial...

Green Light

Dr. Alan C. Braddock, associate professor of art history at the College of William and Mary, spoke on “From Nature to Ecology: The Emergence of Ecocritical Art History.”
letters to the editor

Letter: School Board Member Should Drop Lawsuit

For the second time now, the U.S. District Court has dismissed Dee Perry’s lawsuit against her fellow board members and Superintendent Viloria. Although  Ms....

Gooseneck Barnacle

For the past two months, we started to experience daytime negative tides, a seasonal phenomenon where the tide becomes low enough to allow tidepool...

Taking Stock

Bounces And Bumps Next month, an array of laser devices mounted on top of high-rise apartment buildings in New Jersey begins operations. Their function is...
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Opinion: Village Matters

Hints of the truth By Ann Christoph My cousin Kristie Hemenway wrote me a surprise email this week, “the quarantine has given me a little extra...

Wisdom Workout

A Sanity Assessment Instead of making a list of New Year's resolutions, maybe it is time for another approach. Knowing where you are is the...

Opinion: Locals vs. Residents – Part 2

“I’m not talking about the way it was, just the way it’s never gonna be again.” That’s the subtitle of local author Craig Lockwood’s delightful...

Opinion: Left of Center

What’s With Our Language? By Jean Hastings Ardell A few weeks ago a guest column “What’s in a Life?” appeared in this newspaper. In it I...

Green Light

A Tale of a Girl, a Garden, and an Elf Decades ago, I read to our then-young sons the Dr. Seuss classic, “The Lorax.” What...

Opinion: Laguna’s Housing Element – what every resident needs to know

By Alex Rounaghi How will Laguna Beach add 394 units over the next eight years? By October, Laguna Beach must adopt a Housing Element that...