CEO Accomplished Much During Her Service



It has been my pleasure to serve on the Laguna Beach Community Foundation with Darrcy Loveland.  Darrcy was our president and chief executive officer and recently retired for family health reasons.

Darrcy served the Community Foundation tirelessly for three years.  She was our public face with the nonprofits, fund holders, donors, private foundations and so much more.  She was deeply committed to the Community Foundation and its mission and attended almost every event held by our local organizations at her own expense.

A few of the highlights accomplished on her watch are as follows:

.  Doubled the number of charitable funds in 2013.

.  Oversaw the distribution of 2.7 million in grants since 2010.

.  In 2013 arranged for 72 grants from our charitable fund holders totaling $408,000.

.  Arranged for 12 workshops since 2011 for our nonprofits.

.  Grew the Professional Council from three to 55 members.

.  Grew our Ambassadors to 32 dedicated supporters.

.  Set up funds for Glennwood House, One World One Ocean, Police Memorial, and Crystal Cove Alliance.

.  Grew the board to 12 dedicated community leaders.

.  Established policies and procedures and other fundamental documents for the foundation.

Darrcy has been a major blessing both to the Laguna Beach Community Foundation and the community at large.  On behalf of the Laguna Beach Community Foundation Board, I want to publicly thank her for her dedicated service.  She will be missed greatly!


Rick Balzer, Laguna Beach

The writer is chair of the Laguna Beach Community Foundation.


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