Aggravated Over Asphalt


This is the third paving job in North Laguna in about six years. The first job was really good. It was even, smooth, thick and strong. Then it was done again a couple years ago, it was loosely done and sloppy, so they slurred it with a topcoat, and it was better.

What do you all think of the current topcoat? It appears to me that the roads are now worse than ever. The coating is very uneven, after the first day, tires have scored the road and I can’t even walk barefoot to the beach due to all the gravel. After two days, it looks like it needs to be resurfaced again.

I don’t know what the backstory is, as in who paid for these resurfacings, city, state or feds, but something is not right.

What do you all think?

Mark Miller, Laguna Beach


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