City Council Aids Resource Center



The Laguna Resource Center gratefully received $7500 in unrestricted funds from the city of Laguna Beach community assistance grant. This important gift will be used to stock the LRC’s food pantry so that food can be distributed to lower income residents of Laguna Beach and Orange County.

Located next door to the Dog Park, LRC’s food pantry is open every weekday morning, and serves hundreds of hungry families each month.  The timing of this gift is especially important because during the summer months there is no school. That means breakfast and lunch, normally provided at school,  are not available to lower-income children, so the need for free food at the pantry is even greater than usual. When LRC purchases food form the Second Harvest and Orange County Food Banks, $1 buys $7 of food, making this cash a very important gift for the hungry of our community. To learn more about LRC, go to

Thank you Laguna Beach City Council for helping feed the hungry.


Kory Jorgensen, Laguna Beach

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