City Workers Fail to Act



While running along lower Cliff Drive, I noticed a huge river of water crossing over Cliff Dr. and dumping into the drain. As I followed the water, I saw two men standing in front of a residence. They were in city uniforms and were driving two city trucks. As I approached, I asked if they were going to turn off the water soon, and they told me they had to wait for the resident to come home before they could turn the water off.

One of the men was holding a crescent wrench just standing there watching the water flow into the drain. He said that they weren’t “water,” meaning they weren’t from the water district.  At that moment, they became part of the problem, not the solution. Instead of taking the initiative and turning off the water, they chose to just stand there and do nothing.

Am I missing something? Do they have to wait for the resident before they can do anything because of some city or bureaucratic rule that hinders workers from doing what needs to be done?

Don’t they get it? We are in one of the worst droughts in California’s history. Don’t  they get it? Turn off the water and be a hero!

Don Romero, Laguna Beach

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