Snorkeler Supports Bluefin Ban



It was disappointing to read in the article “Fish Flourish in Warm Coastal Waters” (Aug. 3) the excitement of Donna Kalez of Dana Wharf Sportfishing over the pelagic visitors from Mexico disturbingly included the critically endangered Pacific bluefin tuna they are catching from their 10 sport fishing boats.

Additionally, the bluefin tuna they are catching (and marketing via photos on their Facebook page) look to be juveniles (as are 90% of the global Pacific bluefin catch) and therefore have not yet reached reproductive age.  NOAA Fisheries is currently considering a ban on the catch of, or at least implementing annual catch limits and minimum sizes of the severely over-fished Pacific Bluefin tuna.

Unfortunately this is perfectly legal; there are no size limits for bluefin tuna. But Dana Wharf could voluntarily join the movement of restaurants that are refusing to serve bluefin tuna by educating their customers to the plight of this critically endangered species and encourage them to practice catch and release. Or they can continue business as usual and contribute to the extinction of this majestic species.

What can you do to help? Don’t eat Bluefin tuna or patronize restaurants that do. Practice catch and release of bluefin tuna. Learn more here:

Sandy Dildine, Laguna Beach

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