Clearing a Way to Tap Recycled Water



(This letter was addressed to the City Council also.)

We ask that the city and water district plan for a reclaimed water distribution system within the Laguna Beach County Water District area, to be implemented as soon as possible.

Now that the Driftwood open space adjacent to Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park has been acquired, it seems to us that it provides an opportunity for a feasible route for sending reclaimed water north to Laguna Beach, a route more direct and less costly than a pipeline on Coast Highway.

We suggest that a pipe could extend from the treatment plant in Aliso Canyon up the hillside to Moulton Meadows Park. According to Joe McDivitt of the South Coast Water District, a reservoir (tank) would be needed at the top of the hill. From the reservoir the reclaimed line could extend along Balboa to the fire road and Top of the World. From there to Top of the World School, Top of the World Park and Alta Laguna Park, which could all then be watered with reclaimed water. The line could extend down Park Avenue to Thurston School. At Wendt Terrace a line could extend over to Bluebird Park. The main line would continue down Park to the high school, then to City Hall, the festival grounds, medians and village entrance, then to Main Beach and Heisler Parks.

Connections could be made along the way to the open space edges to emergency irrigation systems to be used in case of fire.

This proposed routing keeps most of the pipeline installation on city streets, and would provide reclaimed water to our most important community landscaped areas.

A reclaimed water system will save domestic water and reduce the amount of sewage effluent flowing out to our ocean at Aliso Beach every day.

Please expedite implementing such a system. As usual, the South Laguna Civic Association is prepared to assist in planning and seeking grants to move us forward with recycled water for Laguna Beach.

Greg O’Loughlin, Laguna Beach

The author is president of SLCA.


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