Keep the Coast Open



Those advocating closing our coast to fishing, collecting, and about everything else make no sense.

Fish and Game has always been able to protect our marine environment with effective regulations that are fully supported by all commercial and sports fishing elements. Fish and Game does not need a bunch of bureaucrats driven by environmental extremists to tell them how to do their job.

Total closure of Laguna’s coast and all the other massive ocean closures from border to border is totally unnecessary. The truth is the driving forces behind these closures are not doing it to save the ocean or the fish; it is all about gaining power.  It is just like the power grabbing goal of all extremist cabals in the environmental movement. Environmental extremism is nothing but an excuse for a giant power grab by the socialist movement that is bent on government controlling everything and everyone.

At the last City Council candidates forum, only candidates Kelly Boyd and Emanuel Patrascu stood up to the gang of local environmental extremists and supported keeping our coast open for all of us to enjoy. In responding to another question regarding view blockage, it was also Kelly and Emanuel that took a real stand to do something to preserve Laguna’s once beautiful public and private view sheds that are being wiped out by overgrown vegetation all over town.


Dave Connell,

Laguna Beach

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