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In the short time John Pletig has been city manager, he has brought a breath of fresh air to our town. His waiving of rebuilding fees is great, but only til Jan. 10?

This sounds too much like our last city manager. His leadership during the rains was great. A wall of water went through Anneliese’s Willowbrook school and numerous homes in Laguna Canyon, and a friend who has lived near the “creek” for 35 years said he never heard anything like the most recent rains.

Ann Quilter raised millions for the Susi Q Senior Center, where Chris Quilter is doing a great job. Ms. Quilter is the ideal person to lead our town’s effort to not only help those who were flooded but begin planning a way to stop such devastation in the future.

As I inferred above, our city is a case of the good and the bad. Laguna has hundreds of small businesses. I took a car for repairs to a small shop in Laguna Canyon, which has been there 40 years and asked the owner what happened to the sign out in front. “The city had it removed. They really don’t want small businesses out here.”

A friend who is black was homeless but now has housing. He got several tickets from the Laguna police. When he went to court, without saying anything, the judge dismissed all of the tickets. It sounds like the days of Martin Luther King, but some citizens believe that if you are black, you will be harassed by the Laguna Beach Police Department.

Roger Carter, Laguna

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