Doctors of Dedication



While the whole downtown and all of the canyon was impassible the day after the big flood, our Laguna Beach Community Clinic was open for business and serving our citizenry.

Even though Dr. Tom Bent’s own home had flooded, he, the clinic medical director, left his wife holding the wet vac as he made his way by foot down the Third Street Hill to open the clinic. He was joined by Dr. Niall Cullen and Dr. Chau Ngo and Jamie Fontaine, administrative assistant and volunteer coordinator, who all managed to get into town from the south.  Flood-bound Nicole Sicotte, the clinic charge nurse, provided constant assistance via phone.

The clinic was up and operating and serving residents and flood casualties even while the rest of the downtown was completely immobilized.

In the aftermath of the disaster they have also partnered with the Laguna Relief and Resource Coalition to be sure those affected by the flood disaster have access to prompt medical attention. As a community, we need to acknowledge this kind of dedication. It gives us comfort to know our community partner will go to extreme measures to fulfill its mission.

PS – I think Dr. Bent’s wife deserves special accolades as well!

Ann Quilter,
Laguna Beach

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