Connell’s Ballot Picks



All of a sudden, it is less than 30 days until we decide the fate of our nation. Will the country elect Obama and accelerate the growth and power of the federal government enslaving us all under a massive, socialist/communist master? Or elect Romney and start a careful and business-like return to freedom, a less controlling and expensive government, and equality of opportunity for everyone.

But those who love freedom must also vote for conservative candidates at every level if we are to save and restore a Constitutional government.

Regarding the initiatives and measures, I recommend the following. That is: 30 NO, 31 NO, 32 YES, 33 YES, 34 NO, 35 YES, 36 YES, 37 NO, 38 NO, 39 NO, 40 YES. Of course, for Laguna voters, it is a giant NO on Measure CC, which is nothing but a scam by a power group in Laguna to increase our taxes so they can gain control and power of $30 to $40 million of our tax money.

Supposedly this money is to buy empty lots around town that they mislead voters by calling it open space.  We taxpayers not only lose our money, but every vacant lot they buy for the city goes off the tax roles diminishing the tax base of the city and county. These empty lots are empty because they are either unbuildable or would be too expensive to build on. Don’t be scammed. Leave them on the tax roles and let their private owners take care of them.


Dave Connell, Laguna Beach

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