Election Picks Via the Grapevine



Word is spreading across Laguna to vote for Verna Rollinger and no one else.

Bob Whalen and Jane Egly are Democrats but they are not endorsed by the Democratic Club of Laguna because of their voting record on the school board and city council. Dicterow’s campaign kickoff with the dumbest congressman in history, Dana Rohrabacher, scared everybody and his attendance record when he was a city council member is questioned. Ross, the fifth candidate is out to lunch.

As far as the presidential contest goes, most Lagunatics do not want a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, which Paul Ryan & Romney favor and while life is precious, so is a women’s right to choose what happens to her body and she should be able to have a safe, medically approved abortion if she wants such a procedure.

The Bush wars have wrecked our country financially and morally and  Bishop Tutu has suggested Bush should be tried in the International Criminal Court. Romney wants to spend money on war material while our school systems go broke. Without good schools, we as a country are through. Vote for people who stand for something worthwhile.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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