Despite Approval, TOW Path Remains Incomplete

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In the Nov. 13 edition columnist Billy Fried discusses what he sees as our city’s lack of resolve in moving forward with decisions to reduce congestion, traffic and other ongoing problems in Laguna Beach.

We wish to echo his frustration regarding these issues. It is now long after both the Planning Commission and the City Council unanimously approved a new access path to the fire road, linking Top of the World and Moulton Meadows. (See “Council Paves Way for TOW Path,” Jan. 9.)  Both bodies heard loud and clear from the community, thoroughly reviewed, discussed and weighed matters, then acted unanimously to create a safe access to and from the fire road for neighbors, school kids and their parents – something which the Arch Beach Heights side has enjoyed for decades.

Yet, despite our investment of time and the city’s investment of time plus money, the project still languishes. Why does the TOW access to and from the fire road have to be so hazardous? Once this project is done, any naysaying will be much ado about nothing. The people have spoken: we want and need this improvement. Please get it done before another emergency forces us to storm the Sommet du Monde gate.


Charlotte and Alex Masarik, Lisa and Steve Britt, Carol and Bob Buss, Ellen and Roger Kempler, Tim Templeton, and Pei Yen


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