Dog Doo on Sunset Avenue Ruins the Vibe



It was such a nice refreshing rain here in South Laguna. The air is so fresh, clean and the plants loved it. Then I went outside to get my morning newspaper and right there on the street is a huge pile of dog poop and I mean huge. This dog must have been backed up for a week.

It took three plastic shopping bags (banned here in Laguna. I have to shop in other cities to get them.) to pick it all up.

I have an idea, how about banning dogs? No, that’s not right. It should be banning some people from owning dogs.

I just read in some city, when you buy a dog, you have to register the dogs DNA so that when a dog leaves a pile that isn’t picked up, a sample can be taken to animal services and have the lazy, inconsiderate dog owner fined for littering and health issues.

What a novel idea! Then there’s the dog owner that’s kind enough to pick it up but doesn’t want to walk with the poop bundle in their hands so they put it in my plastic trash bin. Such a nice aroma when I open the lid. Not!

Wake up dog owners! It’s your dog and responsibility to pick up after Fido. Not take them for a walk so they can pee and poop in my yard and on my street. A lot of good “Pick Up After Your Pet” signs do. One was stolen. Dogs can’t read and obviously some humans can’t either.

Jim Stiso, Laguna Beach

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