Dog Owners Too Often Disregard Leash Laws



I would like to express my concerns over those that may or may not live in the neighborhood surrounding the park.

I have lived in Laguna Beach for the last 17 years and lately have taken my two dogs for walks in the park. What concerns me is that there are signs everywhere posted instructing dog owners to have their dogs leashed when in the park area. I always abide by this rule, but there are those who do not. Some think they are smart__ and leash their dogs, but let them run around loose with the leash attached. When I see them they will tell me that their dogs are “friendly,” that is fine but maybe my dogs are not as friendly. They get very excitable and that can be hard to handle at times.

I don’t think that is fair for those that abide by the law and maybe those that do not take the law seriously don’t even live in the neighborhood. I truly wish that the animal control unit spends more time at this park and those that wish to let their dogs loose to go to the Dog Park on 133.


Alan Sarutanond, Laguna Beach

The letter writer refers to Moulton Meadows Park.


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