Election Campaigns Contradict Green Slogans



I left town last week and returned to a bin full of paper that my mail lady deposited on my doorstep upon my return. Never mind she had to lug that around. Very little real mail. I sifted through all the bulk mail from our council candidates who had so much money to spend and flooded our mail with so much paper – endorsements and little else.  Who reads all this? Honestly?

Did I read it?  No.  It went right to the recycle bin.  There were lists of people on the mailers who apparently supported a candidate.  Would that sway me? No.

I make my decisions based on more substantial information about the candidates and I’m hopeful most people do.

I’ve lived here over 40 years and all I see is a tremendous waste of paper and money from candidates that profess to be green and say they want to protect the environment.

Think about it.  Next year change it up.  Please, no more mass bulk mailing.

Candidates, I would be more impressed if you donated some of your money to the Orange County hungry or homeless.

By the way, I voted by mail before I left for my trip to No. California.


Pat Carpenter, Laguna Beach



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