Rising CO2 Levels Undermine Climate Change Skepticism



This is in response to Stephen Tygh’s letter criticizing Tom Osborne’s article, “When Ideology Trumps Facts”. The only “common sense” response to Michele Hall’s position on climate change is shock as Tom stated. With 97% of atmospheric scientists agreeing that global warming is a fact, there is little room for skepticism. Without action our children and grandchildren will experience the disastrous consequences of global warming. We already are seeing the effects.  Recently the U.S. Pentagon released a long report on this issue and concluded that global warming is a serious threat to our national security. Does the Pentagon have an ulterior motive in taking this position?

Stephen Tygh, Michele Hall and all climate change deniers are in that same group of people who deny facts based purely on their political ideology. There is no other explanation. Einstein and Galileo would not be on the climate deniers side as Stephen alludes. Make no mistake, “the earth is round,” “the world was not created in seven days,” “evolution is a scientific fact,” and climate change is real.

P.S. By the way, Dennis McTighe is not a climate scientist.

George Weiss, Laguna Beach

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  1. There was no global warming for 18 years; and if there was global warming it would have little or nothing dodo with the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Are we talking about the 97% of climate scientist that are paid but the WWF or depend of government funding? Well the vast mayoralty of scientists disagrees and they are the ones that would be in the Einstein and Galileo camp in the past.

  2. So now man-made CO2 emissions cause beheadings? The Koran was written between 609-632CE. There were only about 200+ million people back then and not too much burning of fossil fuels.

    Apparently, man-made CO2 emissions cause most all of the ills in the world.

    The Pentagon takes it’s orders and messaging from the Executive Branch of Government. Our military has always had to be prepared for various climate conditions and natural disasters, which by definition is extremely fast climate change. The recent linking of climate change to National Security is all about messaging to support the agenda. Reduce carbon emissions to stop terrorism. Ludicrous! But the sheeple and lemmings apparently believe whatever the media tells them.

    Soon we will have the new criminal defense “global warming made me do it”. It may seem like a joke, but research is being done in this area.


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