Endorsement Raises Questions for Gay Voter




City Council candidate Steve Dicterow’s very first major endorsement came from Republican Congressman Dana Rohrbacher.  Dicterow was and is very proud of it, and even hosted Rohrbacher as a featured guest at his campaign kick-off party recently.

Now Mr. Dicterow just needs to explain to the gay population of Laguna Beach why he courted the endorsement of Rohrbacher, who has a score of 0% from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on GLBT issues.  Rohrbacher supports a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality, voted against hate crimes legislation, is full-throatedly for banning adoption of children by gay parents, and voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) – to name a few of his positions.  Does Dicterow share these positions?

I realize that the Boom Boom Room is now closed Steve, but Laguna Beach still has a sizable gay population. Don’t you care about us at all?


James Dorf, Laguna Beach

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