Envisioning a Beach Boardwalk Extension




The two-mile Laguna boardwalk: imagine the boardwalk on Main Beach that would stretch all the way to Anita Street. All the hotels would have a romantic, safe and quiet pedestrian friendly connection to the main part of town. Laguna would have one more attraction, an amazing promenade for pedestrians, rollerbladers, bicycles, joggers.

My wife, my kids and I love Laguna Beach and we think that many nice hotels, cafes and shops along the south part of Laguna shouldn’t only be connected to the main village via a noisy and dangerous road, which should probably have a tempo 25 limit.

Having lived 30 years in Europe, where every road has two bike paths and two sidewalks and where you don’t have to push a button before getting permission to cross a street, we feel that Laguna is on the right path to becoming safer and friendlier for pedestrians already, but that the boardwalk extension would be an undeniable attraction to connect the beautiful south part of the town.


Toby Gad and Li Fan Gad, Los Angeles

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  1. Toby and Li Fan, love your perspective and your idea for the pedestrian boardwalk. During years of task force meetings with council members the public was told there is no money in the city budget for elaborate infrastructure improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, so we held our expectations low for some bike-racks, park benches and bikeway paint. We honoured the recommendation for picking ‘low hanging fruit’. Now this city blows the budget on a concrete parking garage and a round-a-bout! Please share more of your ideas, but beware of appearances in Whoville.


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